Potato recipes by Richard Curtis for Save the Children.

When I came back to Hungerford, it’s fair to say I had a lot more time than I had money. I had just left my previous job and was doing odd jobs for my dad. One such job was a weekly trip to cash & carry where I
found that, in addition to various cheap produce, I could buy myself a big sack of spuds for about 3 quid. After about a month of mashed potatoes I started to experiment and jotted down the few potato recipes that either
turn to mush or set off the smoke alarm. A few pages became 50 then 100 and after a while i was on a mission to write more potato recipes.

As much as i’ve always enjoyed my food, i’ve been acutely aware of the amount of starving people there are in our world of plenty – particularly kids. There are 170 million underfed children in the world today. Hunger and dirty water lead to malnourishment and disease. A child dies every 3 seconds from malnourishment or disease. 50 children will have died before you have finished reading this introduction. It’s not acceptable. It deserves to be front page news everyday and the reason it isn’t, is because it has become acceptable.

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‘It’s not about charity. It’s about justice.’

Richard Curtis is busy writing more potato recipes all in aid of Save the Children.