About Four Potato recipe book

For those old enough to remember Live Aid in 1985 there was a harrowing video played to the tune of ‘Drive’ (..who’s gonna take you home tonight?) by The Cars. There were children to weak to walk and emotional scenes of grieving parents burying tiny coffins. At the end there was a lingering shot of a baby girl, flies around her eyes, staring at the camera – apparently hours from death. 20 years later at Live 8 Bob Geldof introduced a beautiful young lady to the crowd….Same person.

I felt the tears rolling down my face. What it meant was someone’s contribution had saved her life.
I decided to turn my (now very large) collection of potato recipes into a book and give all the proceeds to Save The Children or any other charity that could help save lives.

By the way don’t confuse me with a professional cook. I’m just a bloke who spent a lot of time pratting about in the kitchen. There were times when I didn’t write a potato recipe down for a few days after I cooked it……. so if you follow the potato recipe to the letter and it doesn’t quite work out……….don’t tell anyone.